Aktualisiert: 09.05.2015

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The autor has develped the Application Ventilateclever as hobby. The idea was born because I'm worried about the preservation of old buildings like the church in Alpthal. We have made good experiences with VentilateClever. The Profit from the AppStore will be used for the expenses.

Copyright 2009-2015 by Roland Graf, Waagtalstrasse 31, CH-8842 Unteriberg

No liability in case of damages

Do not open doors and windows if you already have automatic air conditioning! The air-conditioning system could get heavy troubles! In a building with a value of more than 70% relative humidity during some time mould is developing. The most dangerous situation is warm air which make condensations on colder walls. The app warns you in such situations. The autor of the app accepts no liability for possible damages an your building.


The App Ventilate Clever has been tested during nine month and is now in the app store since 2010. If you need support use the following E-Mail:


Ventilate Clever