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Aktualisiert: 09.05.2015

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

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Which measuring instrument do you recommend?

In everyday use, a wireless weather station with an outdoor transmittor works very well: Technoline WS-7018. The display shows temperature and humidity indoor and outdoor. Cost: about 50$. However, the outdoor sensor (TX3-TH) is not weatherproof. It has to be protected from rainwater. The weather station can receive up to three outdoor transmitters. During ventilating you should place the weather station in the air stream to see the effect.

Technoline WS-7018 Sensor TX-TH with self made weather protection

Sensor TX3-TH with selfmade weather protection ;)

I have made good expiriences with Technoline WS-9032-IT. It works precisely and the sensor ist waterprotected. (TX21IT+)

Is ventilating clever really more efficient than running a dehumidifier?

During longer periods of rain in the summer the operation of a dehumidifier may be necessary. By ideal weather conditions clever ventilating is more efficient than a dehumidifier. For example, a neo-gothic church has a volume of approximately 2'900 m3. If you have 20° C and 70% relative humidity you need dehumidification. There are 12.1 g water in one m3 air. In the air volume of the church 35.1 kg of water are stored. A commercial dehumidifier can extract during about 12 hours at 68°F (20° C) 5 liters of water. Theoretically, you could reach over night 60% relative humidity. In practice you can be happy when you get it down to 65% after 12 hours. If you ventilate clever with colder air, e.g. 60.8°F (16° C) and 70% relative humidity, you can get the same result in half an hour and you save energy!

No liability in case of damages

Do not open doors and windows if you already have automatic air conditioning! The air-conditioning system could get heavy troubles! In a building with a value of more than 70% relative humidity during some time mould is developing. The most dangerous situation is warm air which make condensations on colder walls. The app warns you in such situations. The autor of the app accepts no liability for possible damages an your building.

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